Car Detailing

MULLER Auto Services offers a complete auto detailing services to all types of cars in UAE for both car interior and exterior. The car detailing services are done comprehensively for both new cars and pre-owned cars as well as vintage and classic cars. It is always been the aim of Muller Auto Services to restore and bring back the original glamour of the car as it was built by preserving that wonderful new-car feeling or even exceed the interior and exterior detailing expectations. On Interior detailing, Muller specializes in deep cleaning with the use of the appropriate cleaning chemicals to remove all stains and dirt on fabrics, leathers, vinyl, carpets, and plastics of the car and maintains its interior cabin freshness, while on Exterior detailing, Muller professionally apply the appropriate chemicals and using the right equipment necessary to bring out the crystal shine and the original texture of the paint with distinguished smoothness which enhances its glamourous appearance. We include in the detailing process the engine compartment and baggage compartment as well as cleaning the alloy wheels with chemicals accordingly.

To refine the total exterior of the car, to make the car easy to clean and maintaining that sparkling shine and attractiveness, Muller recommends our Nano Ceramic paint treatment and protection coating that would lasts for a long time and this will minimize waxing your car regularly and will enhance the appearance of the car, increasing its value. Muller’s Nano Ceramic Paint protection refines the vehicle’s paint making it resistant to air pollutants, road dirts, bird droppings, UV rays, harsh liquid substance, and tree saps that damages the paint. It even protects the paint from small swirl scratches.

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