Car Scanning and Car Diagnostics

At Muller Auto services, we use the latest car diagnostic tools and equipment to widely scan your car performance, advantages and faults. Our expert technicians performs a detailed car scanning and diagnosis check-up and submit the report to you in a brief reasonable period of time frame. These inspections will help you to understand your overall car performance.

The Main objective of a Car scanning and Diagnosis test is to have a thorough and accurate check up on the car’s overall performance by checking car’s engine, suspension, gearbox, a/c, combustion system and efficiency, brakes malfunction, engine misfires, annoying sounds from under chassis, light up icon messages on the dash, restricted acceleration, loss of power, etc . . .

Muller Services Includes:

• Car Engine Diagnostics
• Car gearbox diagnostics
• Diagnostics on car suspension
• Check emission readiness
• Full car Diagnostics and mechanical inspection
• Detailed check up on car brake system

Muller Technicians does these:

• Computer scan and Diagnostics
• Engine Light Diagnostics
• ABS, SRS Diagnostics & Repair
• Analyze and solve engine misfires
• Display real time parameters

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